Dude Perfect and Luke Bryan
Team Up in Archery Kart
Battle Dude Perfect and Luke Bryan Team Up in Archery Kart Battle

Dude Perfect is at it again. They wowed us with their archery trick shots in the Archery 360 showdown. This time, they teamed up with country music superstar Luke Bryan to bring “Mario Kart” to life with bows and arrows.

We know Bryan is good with a compound bow (he is, after all, the reigning champ of the ACM and Cabela’s Great Outdoor Archery Event), but what about with a recurve bow?

The Dudes put Bryan to the test and amped up Archery Tag in an “Archery Kart” battle. Decked out in vibrant armor and protective face shields, the guys rove a warehouse atop golf carts, wielding the patented Archery Tag recurve bows and foam-tipped arrows. The goal? Pop your opponents’ balloons. But beware the dreaded mystery boxes, feather pits, “flour” bombs and more!

Catch Luke and the Dudes in archery action in the video below.

Dude Perfect is famous for their epic YouTube trick-shot videos, including these amazing archery trick shots. Recently, the dudes signed on for their own CMT TV series. Will CMT air more archery-awesome footage? We hope so! See the full episode of Luke and the Dudes on CMT in 2016.

Who knows- maybe Bryan will sign on as a backup cameraman.

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