Watson Airlock: the Penultimate
Odor-Control Storage System Watson Airlock: the Penultimate Odor-Control Storage System

Anyone who has ever been in a deer stand when the wind shifts will tell you that scent control is one of the most critical aspects of whitetail hunting. A simple shift of the breeze can mean the difference in hauling out a trophy buck or eating tag soup.

Thanks to Watson Air Lock’s patented odor control storage system, however, you can be assured your hunting clothes stay scent-free whether your in the truck or in the field.

“With our system, you can store, organize and transport your hunting clothes and keep them dry and scent-free,” said Chris Watson, president and founder of Watson Airlock. “With everything in one spot from your boots to your head gear, you’re ready to go with just a single pack.”

The Bottomless26 system features more than 7,000 cubic inches of water-resistant storage for your hunting clothes, boots and accessories. It also has more than 4,000 cubic inches for clothing and a separate compartment for your boots. But the features don’t stop there. There is an integrated, double layer clothing mat for changing cloths, external pockets and even has wheels. A removable tree stand field pouch is standard.

If that’s a little too much space, Watson also makes smaller systems with the same great features like the changing mat and removable tree stand pouch.

For more information, visit www.watsonairlock.com.



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