Traditional Archery: Trust
Your Instincts Traditional Archery: Trust Your Instincts

Hunting with a traditional bow can be a bowhunter’s ultimate challenge. Instead of using a compound bow with cams, sights, releases and stabilizers, traditional archers rely on instinct.

To master traditional archery, you need the dedication, concentration and fine-tuned instincts of successful athletes.

Boosting concentration begins with practice – and lots of it. Practice bowhunting shots until you can rely solely on your instincts and muscle memory to shoot accurately without a sight.

When you practice, breathe deeply to relax. Focus on a spot on the target you want to hit, and aim at spots other than dead center. Then visualize the arrow hitting your mark. Likewise, when bowhunting, focus so intently on a vital spot on the animal that nothing distracts you. Again, visualize your arrow hitting that spot.

When you’re hunting and a deer approaches, your adrenaline will kick in. But don’t let your nerves and pounding heart cost you a shot. Trust your instincts.

Before you shoot:

  • Close your eyes for an instant and take a couple of deep breaths.
  • Tune out all distractions.
  • Look at the line of travel you expect the deer to take.
  • Pick a shooting lane where your arrow has an unobstructed path to the deer.
  • Visualize yourself taking the deer.

When practice makes you accurate and you’ve learned to focus on your target, you’ll just need to draw and shoot when a deer gets into position.

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