Archery Equipment and Technology

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Archery Games for your Smartphone

Dozens of archery games are available for your smartphone, but how do you know which ones are awesome, and which ones aren’t worth dumping Candy Crush for? We’ve compiled a guide to some of the […]

Photo credit: The Washington Post

The Science of Archery: Don’t Try This at Home

We’ve all shot an arrow at a balloon, but have you wondered what would happen if the balloon were filled with hydrogen …? Funny you should ask, because this video explains the science of archery […]

BowBlade Screen Mount-

BowBlade Simulator: There’s An App for That

Has rain, cold, snow and the end of deer season kept you indoors this winter? Do you wish you had an indoor archery range? Wish no more! There’s an app for that. “Get Active…get BowBlade!” […]

Boy and Girl

Try Archery: 10 Bows Under $200

If you made it your New Year’s resolution to try archery in 2015, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a recurve or compound bow, these bows will please your favorite archer…and your wallet. […]

Arrow flight: Park Sung Hyun, Olympic gold medalist, shooting at the Olympic Games

Real or Not Real: Arrow Flight

What do arrows really do in flight? Many archery videos and pictures show arrows bending upon release, whipping back and forth like wet noodles as they leave the bow, and then spinning in flight toward […]


10 Archery Apps for Archers and Coaches

In Summer 2014, Apple released a powerful commercial titled “Strength.” Boasting over 1.4 million YouTube hits, the ad features athletes using mobile devices to improve their skills. A subliminal message hints at the devices’ strength […]

Photo: John Hafner Photography

10 Bowhunting Apps for Smartphones

According to MSNBC, smartphone users admit to “secretly” using their devices in theaters, meetings, classrooms, places of worship and, yes, even the bathroom. The top uses for smartphones among younger male and female bowhunters include […]

Photo: Pilla Performance Eyewear

Pilla Shades: Seeing Archery in a New Light

Everyone who’s anyone in archery seems to be wearing slightly oversized, orangey sunglasses. And not just outside, either. They’re even using them for indoor shooting. Maybe that’s because they seem to win medals left, right […]


Cogburn CB4 Fatbike Carries Bowhunters Farther, Faster, Quieter

My first bowhunting vehicle doubled as my work vehicle. But it wasn’t a car or truck. I was too young for a driver’s license. It was a heavy-duty single-speed bicycle with a large rack/basket combo […]

Photo credit: Simon Bisson

Groups Condemn ‘Drones’ to Aid Hunts

It seems everyone is eager to launch unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for business, pleasure or someone else’s irritation. PeTA is selling a drone to stalk hunters, while Lakemaid Beer wants to use drones to deliver […]